Your feminism is showing

On the first day of my screenwriting class, a guy walked in wearing a Make America Great Again hat. My friend Aimee and I were immediately upset. As staunch feminists and Hillary supporters, we were not only upset by seeing someone that supported Trump but even more upset when we saw his laptop stickers. His laptop stickers were a bit contradictory to his hat, so we came to the conclusion that he bought the hat ironically.

The next week, the guy sat next to Aimee and I. As soon as I got to class, Aimee showed me that she happened to be wearing her “Nasty Woman” t-shirt. Then, I took off my sweatshirt to show the new t-shirt I happened to be wearing saying “Outsmart the Patriarchy” from Bitch Media. The guy probably didn’t see our t-shirts but we didn’t care. Wearing our feminist shirts, by complete chance, while sitting next to a maybe Trump supporter was our own silent form of rebellion.

After that encounter, the entire day I felt very proud to be wearing my shirt. It showed that I, not only am a feminist but also that I know things and want to take down the patriarchy with my smarts. I was even more proud that I had purchased my shirt from an independent feminist media outlet and it showed on the shirt. Multiple people asked me about Bitch Media and I was excited to tell them.

I don’t have many graphic tees but the few that I do have all have a message about myself. I definitely am one to wear my opinions on my sleeve once I open my mouth but strangers don’t always immediately hear my opinions. Clothing is just one way that my opinions can be shared before I open my mouth.

Seeing that this guy might have ironically bought a hat that so obviously supports Trump (by saying his campaign slogan) made me upset that he would financially support someone he might not fully support politically or in other ways. This guy was unwittingly contributing to Trump’s campaign by paying the $25 to buy a hat. I pay money to causes I wholeheartedly support and would talk about in conversation, not just for a joke.


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