What would you do to sell donuts?

Last week I sold donuts in midtown to raise money for my sketch team. We’re trying to put on a show in a few weeks and we need money for props. It was a successful night; we raised about $120 in profits.

There were of course peaks and valleys throughout the night. We were out there from 10 pm – 2:30 am. We stood across the street from the UF Plaza on University Ave. Most of the people we got to buy donuts were either coming or going from one of the bars in the area. So a lot of drunk people.

Around midnight it was looking pretty bleak. We were holding out for people to leave the bars but there was a very spacious valley we had to cross first. I was with two guys standing on the corner and we were trying to figure out what we could do to sell more donuts. Finally, I said, “what if I show my tits?”

The guys were confused and were initially put off by it. They’re my friends, they’re protective. But I was a bit surprised they were so terrified by me showing my breasts. It was initially a joke but when I noticed how scared they were of my boobs I kept going with the bit. I started yelling at guys that I’d lift my shirt if they bought donuts.

At one point there was a group of guys staring at us from The Grog across the street and it seemed like they were talking about our signs so I lifted my shirt to keep their attention. I’m not sure they were even looking since they didn’t come over immediately but my friends lost it. One of my friends, Nick, was frustrated with me. He tried to get me to pull my shirt down and after I did, he playfully yelled at me in an older brother sort of way, just enough for me to know he was upset but not enough to make me mad at him.

After this night I started thinking why it was so bad that I would show my chest to sell donuts. I have nice breasts, people like them, so why not use them to my advantage? I had full autonomy over my body, no one was making me do it. I wasn’t even showing my bare breasts, I was showing my bra. Yet, my guy friends freaked out.

This is where #freethenipple comes in. Me showing my chest puts everyone in a frenzy but a guy taking off his shirt is a day at the beach. #freethenipple is a campaign working to end the stigma of female nudity compared to male nudity. I didn’t even show my nipples and my friends were freaking out. #freethenipple aims to change that attitude. They also aim to change laws regarding female toplessness in the U.S.

Hopefully, one day, I will be able to flash a group of drunk strangers to sell donuts without anyone thinking I was crazy.


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